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Ava and the Prince: The Adventures of Two Rescue Pups


Ava and Prince are like most dogs. They want a place to call home, where love is yummy like peanut butter and belly rubs never end. This is their sweet, real-life story about home, family and love.

Ava, formerly “Foxy,” is given up by her family because she's too energetic. Prince, formerly “Sam,” is found abandoned and alone. They have a lot in common. Both like to play, roll in the grass, dress in costumes and eat shoes. In their new home, there are a few house rules. It'll take patience and love, as Ava and Prince find a special place in the heart of a lady who smells like lemons and gumdrops.


About the Author: Joy Sewing

Joy Sewing is an American journalist and an award-winning fashion editor for the Houston Chronicle. She



Author: Joy Sewing
Hardback: $15.95
ISBN-13: 978-1941515921
Size: 32 pages 8.5 x 8.5
Published: (October, 2018)
Language: English