Discover the perfect diamond at the right price for you! It is never easy finding the perfect diamond. Every diamond is a one-of-a-kind treasure. In The Perfect Diamond Buying Guide, you will discover important insights and tips to guarantee you are purchasing the highest quality diamond at the best possible value. The Perfect Diamond Buying Guide is a straightforward book that will walk you through the entire diamond purchasing experience, from selecting the right jeweler and learning how to properly examine a diamond, to designing the ideal setting for your loved one. Once you feel fully educated on the selection and purchasing process, this guide takes you behind the scenes through the state-of-art 3-D design process, shares industry pricing charts, and shows how best to insure your diamond. In this book, you will find the traditional 4-Cs of the diamond grading process, but most importantly, the 4-Cs should represent these more meaningful standards: Confidence is key when purchasing a diamond; Connect with your jeweler so they can help you understand the process; Crafting the perfect diamond engagement ring will be a memory of a lifetime; and Creating a positive, lasting memory of your diamond purchasing experience is just as important as the diamond itself.

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