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Joy and the Far Away Land


Joy’s heart is full of love, butterflies, and rainbows. She has big dreams to spread the power of friendship everywhere she goes. After an amazing adventure to a far away land where she meets a special friend, she realizes how important it is to encourage people to love one another. Join Joy on her beautiful journey of peace and hope for all of the children across the world.


About the Author: Joy Saxton

Joy Saxton began her career at 8 years old anchoring a local kids television show called Kids TV Express that won two national awards and aired for over ten years in Austin, Texas. Joy has worked passionately with children for over 25 years, teaching and developing programs that have made a difference in the lives of young children. She is the creator and director of the Joy Kids Studio where kids learn to write, direct, film and act in movies based in Houston. Joy wrote and illustrated Joy and the Far Away Land about her real life experience when she traveled to Russia before the end of the cold war with a traveling play called Peace Child. She lives with her husband, Bruce, and their two rescue dogs, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan!




Author: Joy Saxton
Illustrator: Joy Saxton
Hardback: $16.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-941515-84-6
Size: 24 page 10 x 10 x 3
Published: (March, 2018)
Language: English