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The Motherless Club


A novel of finding one’s inner strength, The Motherless Club tells an unforgettable story of Paige, Cecily, Bryce and Hannah, friends all haunted by the disease that took their mothers. Breast Cancer. After the women meet in a breast cancer awareness-walking group, their relationships with their husbands and each other are tested over the next year. Letters written by the women’s mothers serve as a common bond among them as they experience moments so sad they laugh, so happy they feel guilt and so ordinary they marvel in the mundane. Friendship becomes a lifeline to survival during their journey of acceptance and self-discovery.

About the Author: Quinn Holladay

The name Quinn has special meaning – both her mother and grandmother carry the name. A native Houstonian, Quinn Holladay graduated from Bellaire High School, obtained her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, and received her doctorate in psychology from Rice University. She published in technical journals before turning her hand to the creative world of fiction. Dropping the Other Shoe was Quinn Holladay’s debut novel. This past year has been a busy one with her twin sons turning two and the arrival of her third son. Since the arrival of her twin sons, she wanted to write a story that they could read together. She wrote MacGyver – The Best Big Black Dog as a tribute to Quinn’s best dog, who was with her for sixteen years, and their bond, which she hopes one day her boys share with their own dog. With The Motherless Club, she wanted to honor her mother, a survivor of uterine and ovarian cancers. She feels lucky every day to have her mother, but so many women have had their mothers, daughters, sisters or friends taken by cancer. She wanted to do something to honor the connection among women. Today, Quinn spends her time chasing after her sons, playing peek-a-boo at grandma and grandpa’s house, and finding stolen moments to write after the boys have gone to sleep.



Author: Quinn Holladay
Hardback: $15.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-94151554-9
Size: 198 pages 6 x 9
Published: (September, 2014)
Language: English

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